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CrowdFunding Campaign

The South African Digital Content Organisation (SADICO) is boldly pioneering the establishment of the SADICO Youth Digital Technology Co-operatives, a project that has been under development and testing with various communities since 2010. The project is being rolled out in partnership with the public and private sector, notably the National, Provincial and Local government of South Africa and major corporates such as Transnet. The Project is targeting unemployed youth in communities, primarily those with Grade 12 and the project also accommodates 30% of the accepted candidates who only have Grade 10, thereby ensuring acceptance of the best Grade 10 individuals

SADICO Targets for June 2018

Recruiting 100 000 Youth throughout South Africa, with the
provinces covered with a minimum of 5 000 Youth and 500
Technology Co-operatives per province.

Organising the youth into 10 000 Technology Co-operatives nationwide and using the Co-operatives as organised structures to work with the youth.

SADICO Targets for June 2020 ( adding on the June 2018 targets)

Recruiting 1 000 000 Youth throughout South Africa.

Organising the youth into 100 000 Technology Co-operatives.

The youth will then be trained in the following:

Digital Technology  – Featuring Telecommunications,  Information
Technology, Broadcasting and the Internet. This training covers both theory
as well as practical skills such as Cell Phone Repair, Web Development, Digital Migration for the community, Cyber Security, safe community email service and many other practical skills to empower the youth to implement their skills with immediate effect.

Introduction to the 4th Industrial Revolution – Featuring the Internet of
Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Nanotechnology, Robotics,
3D Printing, Autonomous Vehicles, Cryptocurrency and Cyber Security.
These skills are then linked directly to community opportunities for the
youth, with the view of enabling the youth to be involved in this major global shift and for them to actively usher their respective communities towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, a phenomenon already taking place.

The 18 months Development Program for the youth is split into

– 6 months during which the Youth received a combination of Theory and Practical Sessions, with the Youth Technology Co-operatives given tools and stock to be operational from week 1.

– 12 months over which the Technology Co-operatives are then hand held to ensure their sustainability from Month 19 onwards.

A special addition to this program is the Health and Wellness Program, where the youth is engaged extensively and given life saving and improvement skills in order to solve the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Challenges, Obesity, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse. The addition of this element is aimed at optimising the return on investments on the youth, ensuring that they youth lives a healthy lifestyle, are energetic, look and feel great.

The Project costs R30 000 per individual,  and this amount includes a Stipend for 6 months for the youth during training as well as tools and stock for the co-operative.

The benefits you will get from this contribution are as follows

–  Regular feedback on the project and an opportunity to participate in changing the lives of the many unemployed youth.

– Any amount above R120 is welcome and appreciated and any CrowdFunding above R30 000 will entitle you to nominate the youth you would like to participate, and that youth would need to meet the requirements (ideally Grade 12 and unemployed) and the youth will be placed at the selected province on the basis of first come first serve.

–  All the contributors will be added in the database for updating purposes as
    well as for the interesting developments that have been taking place

– Company CrowdFunders with contribution above R500 000 will also have an
opportunity to work with the Technology Co-operatives as their distribution
network, if their services are approved by the South African Digital Content
Organisation (SADICO) on the basis of the service acceptability as well as on the first come first serve basis.

You are therefore kindly requested to contribute to this project on a CrowdFunding Platform managed by Collective Funding Africa (CFA), a CrowdFunding Agency approved by the South African Association of CrowdFunding (SACROF).


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